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Low Doc Loans are the saviour of small business. Without them many self-employed people, (the backbone of our economy), would be unable to raise funds to purchase a home or to expand their business operations. At PFG Mortgage Managers we understand the needs of entrepreneurs and since 2003  have supplied low doc funding solutions. We have helped many business owners realise their dreams; whether that’s purchasing a home, an office or funding expansion.

We’re aware that there are times when paperwork like tax returns and other financials usually required to apply for a loan, are not readily available for one reason or another. Also when cash flows becomes erratic and banks are often dismissive of a small business operator pleading for help. This is where PFG Mortgage Managers rises to the occasion, because to access our Low Doc Loans all you need is an ABN number to be operating a viable business. We are experts in the field of low documentation home loans and low documentation commercial loans. We understand business and have developed special funding options allowing self-employed people, (like you), to fulfill their ambitions.

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Our business PFG Mortgage Managers is a mortgage manager which means we are able to access wholesale funding and then pass the savings on to our clients. Our lenders rank in the top 100 Australian companies on the Stock Exchange, such as Perpetual Trustees Company Ltd. PFG not only specialises in Low Doc Loans but also has some of the lowest standard full doc loan rates on the market. PFG supports businesses by offering low doc funding solutions, allowing small business operates access to funds at attractive rates. This ensures they are able to retain the full doc clients which supply the majority of home loan applications to the broker market.

For a confidential discussion call Alistair McKenzie 0414 698 698 or Sally Young 0423 819 208 or email

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